Our house…is a very very fine house

I have not posted my annual thank you and list of work Ed and Martha did on the house, because I have been waited to post a picture. So today was the day – then I then I realized it took a picture on my tablet not my phone! (Picture to be added later)

It was a fast trip this year from Martha and Ed.   They have been traveling since before Thanksgiving, so I think they are ready to see her Dad and get back home.   I had a GREAT time while they were here – talking and learning about stuff.   Watching the X-files and eating GREAT food.  (I ordered some oatmeal Martha!)

Ed got a LOT of stuff done on the house…probably more than he was planning!  A couple of items that were really bugging me, and the really big job of new flooring in the master bath.   Here is the complete list. (He completed all this in FOUR days!!!)

  • New vinyl tile in the master bathroom (which involved removing/replacing base boards,  painting, caulking, new seal for the toilet, etc) – a LOT of work
  • Fixed a banging gate – lifted it, new supports, new handles
  • Remounted the rod in my closet (and checked all the others)
  • Attached the replacement window screens (from the hail way back when)
  • Changed out an electrical plug to a new one with USB ports
  • Install a new bulb over my stove
  • Fixed the numbers on my Mail box post so they don’t keep falling down

THANK YOU ED AND MARTHA!   I say it every year, but you make me fall in love with my house all over again!   (And Thanks to Kay and Stacy for helping me deal with the closet!!!)

Next up is painting the paneling!

(Our House – Crosby, Stills & Nash Lyrics)

Travelin’ Shoes

HersheyThis is going to be a great year – big birthday and lots of travel.   We booked the lodging and plane tickets for the family trip to chocolate worldHershey PA in June.

I am really excited the Diane and Kyle, Ranetta & Arthur, Stacy, and I are all going to go!  We asked Kay and Carl as well, but have not heard back.

I want to see everything.  And taste the chocolate.  While I am still a little worried about the six of us traveling together, I am so excited!   I can’t wait for June!!!!

Best Sister EVER!

closet.jpg.pngI have the BEST SISTER every!   My sister and her Mother in law came to visit me on Saturday.   We spent HOURS cleaning out my closet and going through cloths.

One of the rods in my closet came down…and I had cloths everywhere.  My friend Kay come over and helped my pick those on the ground and put them in boxes…11 boxes FULL…and that did not count the shirt, skirt, pants, and dresses still hanging.

Stacy and I went through the all.   Three sacks of trash, 10 boxes of clothes and shoes to donate… and the rest to go back into the closet.

My friends Martha and Ed are here visiting from Michigan, and Ed is going to fix the rod (and check all the other ones) to get to stable for clothes.    Here is the pictures of my beautiful closet….wish I had taken a before shot!



This has been a good week. Kay Wiley came over and helped me deal with 11 boxes of clothes that need to go back into my closet once it is fixed and cleaned out. And Stacy may come help me with that.

Jennifer is back at work after being out after a hip replacement.  She has been off work for three months.  So nice to talk to with her!

So excited that Martha and Ed and coming to see me!  She sent me the best IM ever!

X-Files returns Sunday. Are you ready to watch it with me? We are heading out on Saturday and should arrive some time Sunday afternoon.

Because –  Way back in the Lubbock days I would go over to their house to watch the X-files because I don’t like to be scared…and it was creepy!   I would even call her on the phone when not visiting so we could watch it together via the phone.

They are arriving into S’ville on Sunday…and Sunday night the X-files are returning!   It is almost Karma :)

Just a happy week because I LOVE my Family and Friends so much!!!!

Dr. Today

Went to see my Rheumatologist today.  Good news!  I get to reduce the amount of Methotrexate injection each week to .5!!  The only negative was that i am deficient in iron and vitamin D.  I stopped by Target to pickup some vitamins on the way home.

I have lots of. Plans for the year.  Hopefully this will be a good year of blogging  :)