The Oregon trail…

Portland OrExcited because I am headed to Portland OR this week.     Two days vacation and four days at a conference.     If you were to draw a line up from Texas – I have been to all the states except North Dakota and Oregon….but that will soon change :)

I leave on Thursday.  Leah is going with me for the first part of the trip.    She flies home on Sunday – just in time for Margie to join me for the COSUGI conference.      That is Sunday night to Wednesday.    Margie and I both fly home on Thursday morning.  I hope to get some good pictures.  The Columbia River Gorge is beautiful!  Mount Hood too! We hope to visit the coast so I might see a lighthouse or two :)

A horrible day.

Terry Tennyson passed away today.  He was so friendly and nice to me.  I just cant get over  it.

imageAt lunch they called and told me that the EMTs were taking him to the hospital – that he was breathing.  I went the hospital to see if Jodee needed anything – phone, food, etc.  I walked into the room not knowing he was gone…it was awful.

Poor Jodee lost her father in January and now her husband in March.  Such a sad day.

I have a garage full of their furniture I am storing for them and lots of tools that Terry lent me. For the past 5 summers I have practical lived at their house, always hanging out at their pool.  Terry would always come sit and talk to me.  The picture is from a Labor Day party back in 2009.

My Australian Coke can

imageDonna went to Australia in January and she brought me back a can of Coca-cola.

Purple of course.  It is summer there and the coke promotion is ‘#colouryoursummer’.  Donna said they have all sorts of can colors.  It will be interesting if they do the same promo here in the USA this summer.

I am actually mad at Coca-Cola right now.   I have been collecting Coke rewards points for many many years…and now they have made it that you have to post to facebook and twitter to get rewards.   They is not right.   I guess they don’t care about us coke drinkers from way back…they only care if you are on social media.   I guess I will just stick to drinking water, It is better for me any way.

All this cold and ice…i have completed a lot of knitting.  Will try to post pictures of completed objects.

Behind on updates

imageSo behind on posting!

I have lots of new knitting stuff i want to share.

The picture is of a wonderful surprise I received for Valentine’s Day.  Stacy’s husband Ernie picked it out.  It has the two little hearts and the packages said “sisters”.  So awesome!  Thanks to both E ans S –  :)

Enjoying the extra day off.   I do feel bad for the students, however if they really need resources they are available  online.  I think they really just want the space.

January – a busy month

Three weekends into 2015 and I have already done a lot!wpid-20150110_140944.jpg

– The first weekend was Holtman Christmas in Fort Worth.  Kay came and spent the night with me. Enjoyed the time with my family.

– The second weekend I drove to Lubbock and Amarillo to see family.  I spent Friday night with my sister Diane in Post, had lunch with my 83 year old aunt in Lubbock, when drive on to Amarillo to a 90th Birthday party for my uncle Sammie. Enjoyed seeing Carrie Lou and how much Lubbock has changed!  I  did not realize how much I missed seeing things like cotton on the side of the road that looks like snow and the wide open spaces.image
– My friends Martha and Ed arrived that same weekend to see me.  They stayed three days, went to Lubbock for a while then came back :)

– They returned on Friday and this weekend we worked in the yard (took out some monster bushes) and put new tile into the guest bath.  I LOVE IT!  Poor Ed – it was a lot of work!  Martha has made some KILLER meals too.  I think there trips to Texas are more a vacation for me than for them!