Day two of Thanksgiving

Had a great day yesterday cooking for Thanksgiving.  Amy, Melissa, Trudy and Leah’s mom Gayla come over for lunch.

We had a lot of food!  Gayla left early and the rest of us worked a puzzle.  It was fun.

Today it has been cold and rainy.  I have been happy staying in!  I finished a  second puzzle today.  Anything to keep from eating all those leftovers :)


My latest creation

imageDon’t know what i am going to with it but i had to try out my circle loom.

It is actually twice as wide as you are seeing.   It looks really pink here – when it actually cranberry red.

Starting on an afghan for Mrs Rogers next.  And working on something for  Trudy too.

I could not loom knit during the summer because it was so hot…ask I am trying to catch up!

Fun weekend

Had a nice weekend at the annual Harris family reunion.  The turn out was a little light this year,  but we all could visit more.

My sisters and I visited Joyce, my dad’s second wife, and went to see a long time family friend Marlene, after her hip replacement surgery.  We went to two cemeteries to check birth and death dates for our ancestors.

Saturday at the hotel we ran into my uncle and his family and enjoyed playing cards and watching a baseball game with them.

At church this morning we saw lots of familiar faces. 

Except for the heat,  it was a great weekend.

Another sad day.

carmenJodee’s dog Carmen pass away last night.   I dog sat for her many times.   She was just the best dog.  She was really old and it was past time  for Jodee to have put her down, but still it is really sad.   Carmen would always come up to be petted when I was in the pool.

I posted about her back in  2011 and again in  2013. 

My boring life

aefe6581dd3e5b23f6b2ba9e3a16aec4I have not had anything interesting to post about for a while….but here are the highlights of stuff that has been happening.

  • Hail storm in early May that totaled my car, and caused a lot of damage to my house ($14,000)
  • new metal back porch cover
  • new roof
  • new gutters
  • new screens
  • With all the hail came torrential rains – I have GOT to do something about my back yard, because it floods towards my back door (thank goodness I was able to keep it out of the house).  Once I can save some money, I will have to find someone to fix it.
  • My back fence blow down – the nice gentlemen who re-roofed the house temporally fixed that for me.   He also installed a new gate on the west side of my house – the other was to far gone.
  • Had to take out a loan to pay all for it all.  No new car for me
  • I did sort of by accident buy a new camera!   A really nice one.    Have not really had an opportunity to take any pictures yet.

My friend Trudy is retiring in August.   It will be strange not having her at the library.     I already get the feeling that my division at work is the step-child….I think that will be even more so with Trudy gone.


imageI accidentally stood on an ant bed to try to fix my mail box.  I did not realize it until I felt the sting.  My foot and shoe were covered in medium sized ants! Not big red ants or small sugar ants.  Somewhere in between. This is bad picture but i have 11 bites.  The main issue is all the itching!